A Guide to Charcuterie Board Maintenance

A Guide to Charcuterie Board Maintenance

Do you have a wooden charcuterie or cutting board and want to know the best way to keep it clean and looking brand new? No worries, we will give you all of the tips and tricks to keep your charcuterie boards clean and beautiful.

This guide contains instructions to maintain any wooden kitchenware products from spoons, bowls, and platters to cutting boards, charcuterie boards and more. You should never avoid using your charcuterie board because you don’t want to scratch it, or you don’t know how to properly maintain it. With this easy guide, you will become a quick expert in keeping all of your wooden kitchenware in pristine condition.


Step 1: Cleaning 

After creating a beautiful spread for your guests, you will want to clean your charcuterie board and get it ready for its next use. First, you will want to wash with dish soap and warm water. Do not put in the dishwasher or wash with hot water as the heat could potentially warp the wood or cause other damage. Just simply hand wash with dish soap and warm water using a gentle plastic scrubber. Be sure to stay away from abrasive sponges or steel wool. 

Pro tip: Kosher salt and lemons work well to kill bacteria and keep the board smelling fresh. Baking soda and a little vinegar also work well. 

Step 2: Drying

After washing you will want to towel dry your charcuterie board and get rid of all of the excess water. Prolonged exposure to water can be potentially harmful. Do not ever soak your handmade cutting board. After a nice towel dry, leaving the charcuterie board out in an open space to completely dry is very important. Do not immediately put it in a cabinet or enclosed area.


Step 3: Oiling

To keep your charcuterie board looking beautiful, occasionally use a light layer of oil. Be sure to use food-grade mineral oil, flaxseed oil, coconut oil, or hemp oil. We recommend our food-grade mineral oil for the best results. Stay away from olive oil as it can go rancid and leave a poor smell on your charcuterie board. A nice layer of oil can be lightly rubbed in using a paper towel, an old cotton t-shirt, or even your hands. Pro tip: Use food-grade wax in conjunction with oil if you want extra protection and shine on your charcuterie board. Oil and wax will help deter water and keep the wood looking polished and beautiful. Wax will also help to fill any holes, scrapes, or cracks that may come after many uses. If using wax, be sure to only use one light coat once or twice a year. Our favorite is OSMO.

Step 4: Sanding (Optional)

After many uses or when you start to notice an excessive amount of cut marks or scrapes, you can lightly sand and restore your cutting board. Start with 120-220 grit sandpaper to remove any deep scratches. Wet sand with a finer grit (320-600) along with mineral oil if you wish to polish and restore the luster. After oiling, your cutting board will look like new again! This step should only be executed twice a year or less depending on how much use your charcuterie board gets.


Step 5: Show it Off!

Use your charcuterie board as decoration! Displaying your handcrafted charcuterie board will help dry out unwanted moisture and also give you a chance to showcase your beautiful wooden kitchenware in a convenient location. Do not store the charcuterie board in a closed cabinet or drawer as this could lead to unwanted moisture. Also, you won’t get to enjoy the look of your beautiful charcuterie board when it is always stored away. All of our cutting boards are crafted to double as countertop pieces in the kitchen. 

Add some color to your kitchen by incorporating one of our locally handcrafted cutting or charcuterie boards. All of our kitchenware is made from woodshop leftovers to eliminate our waste and give a new life to lumber that would otherwise be too small to use. 

Please send pictures to info@sanfordshapes.com of how you use, clean, and showcase your charcuterie board! 

To learn more about our sustainable process of handcrafted cutting boards, view our Youtube video here: “Sanford Shapes | Handmade Cutting Boards Built in Leucadia, CA | Sustainable Woodworking”

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