Sanford Shapes at Leucadia Oaks Skatepark.

Need Help Choosing? We got you.

Mini Cruisers: (Lightweight, Quick Turns)

 Tuna: (27.5 x 8)

The Tuna being our smallest board, is the most lightweight, compact, and easy to turn cruiser. Its small size and squared off tail provides quick and snappy mobility. Because this board is highly maneuverable, it is optimal for kids or anyone with a little bit of experience.

Snapper: (29 x 8.75)

 The Snapper is slightly bigger than the Tuna, but still carries all of its unique small and lightweight components, while having its own personality. Its slightly bigger size and round tail, allow it to maintain its quick and snappy mobility, while providing a slight edge on stability and comfort. This board is optimal for kids, teens, or even adults who prefer a small whippy board.


Mid Size Cruisers: (Versatile, Easy to Ride)

Manatee: (29.75 x 9.25)

The Manatee is our most versatile and popular cruiser. Its wide profile and round tail provide the perfect balance of stability and maneuverability. The wide round tail also provides the option of popping a trick if need be. This board pushes easily, and will gain momentum quickly. This board is optimum for teens and up, and people of all experiences.

Original: (32.25 x 9.5)

The Original, much like the Manatee, maintains a good balance between stability and maneuverability. The Original is longer, and wider than the Manatee, but it has a pulled in narrower tail. This creates a stable, yet sleek and aerodynamic feel at the same time. Its narrower tail requires a little bit more control, and precision back foot placement. Its unique diamond tail shape gives it its own personality and aesthetic, perfect for those who want to show off their new board. This board is optimum for teens and up, preferably with a little bit of experience.


LongBoards: (Learning, Long Rides, Comfort)

Mako: (36 x 9)

The Mako encompasses the look and feel of a classic longboard. This board is very stable and comfortable, making it easy to ride. Its length and weight make it a bit harder to maneuver off the tail, so this board is better for long distance rides, and smooth carves. The camber in the deck profile gives this board some spring, perfect for those of you hanging 10. This board is optimum for people of all ages and sizes. It's time to learn how to skate!

Mal:  (38 x 9.375)

The Mal essentially takes all of the features of the Mako, and enhances it. This board is heavy duty. It is stable, comfortable, and can handle just about anything. The camber in the deck profile provides some flex, perfect for those of you walking the nose. Great for straight, long distance rides, and smooth drawn out carves. This board is optimal for all of you big guys out there.


Street Boards: (High performance, Technical)


The 8.25 is a standard popsicle street deck shape. With a wheelbase of 14.25, this board is responsive, giving you more control. This deck is great for kids, or for any skater that prefers less board under their feet to get those flip tricks on lock.

8.5 Standard

The 8.5 standard is a mid-sized popsicle street deck. This board is extremely versatile and high performance. Perfect for those of you who want both stability and high maneuverability, as well as that classic round tail feel. This deck is optimal for people of all skill levels, so if you're not sure which deck is right for you, you can't go wrong here. 

8.5 Shaped

The 8.5 shovel is a mid-sized shaped board. With a wheelbase of 14.25, this board provides optimum control and performance. Its shovel nose and tail give it unique character and provide a more precise pocket to scoop from, making it good for those wanting to learn new tricks. The symmetrical shape provides a great feel when riding pools and bowls. This deck is perfect for those who are looking for a good all around board, and aren't afraid to try something different.

9.125 Shaped

This board is a classic big pool board shape. With a relatively small wheel base of 14.5, this board is ready to shred, in spite of its bigger size. Inspired by some of the most legendary shapes of the 80’s, this classic pool shape remains a staple in the skate community. It is our most popular street board because of its precise balance of stability, comfort, and high performance. This board is great for big guys, or anyone seeking more stability on their street board, and comfort in the bowls.

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