Safety Disclaimer



Skateboarding is a dangerous activity which could result in serious injury or death. Take all proper precautions in order to minimize your risk.

Always check your board’s hardware prior to riding to ensure all nuts and bolts are all securely threaded. When riding, always use a safety certified and properly fitted helmet, as well as other protective gear on any body parts that could be impacted in a fall or crash. Children should always be supervised when skateboarding.

Know how to dismount, slow down, and stop your board before riding it. Know your ability and never try to ride above your skill level. Avoid riding across rough or irregular surfaces. Skateboards should always be self propelled. Never hold on to or be pulled by a car, motorcycle, bus, ATV, bicycle or any other vehicle. Avoid skateboarding at high speeds.

Adhere to all local laws, codes and statutes as they apply to skateboarding, traffic, and pedestrians. Alcohol, drugs, or any substance that could impair your judgment should not be consumed prior to or during skateboarding.