Sanford Shapes and OAK collaboration.

Sanford Shapes x OAK

We have recently begun developing a partnership with our friends at OAK (Oncology and Kids) to raise money in support of helping kids and families who deal with childhood cancer. 

We ran a limited edition line of cutting boards with an inlaid OAK logo, and beautiful stripes of wood, while using reclaimed Oak wood as the core of the cutting board. For each cutting board sold, A portion of all proceeds will support OAK’s ongoing efforts to serve families affected by childhood cancer.

We are honored to be working alongside a loving organization that leaves such a strong impact in our community.

OAK is the childhood oncology organization that provides a voice, community, and sense of normalcy for children with cancer and their families as they recover from the emotional toll of diagnoses and treatment. Whether patient, sibling, daughter, or son, no child will be alone when dealing with childhood cancer. 

Oncology And Kids (OAK) exists to help kids and families heal the emotional scars of childhood cancer and learn to thrive. The OAK community of caretakers and supporters provides refuge for families to reclaim their strength and joy.

 We decided to do our part by giving new meaning to wild and reclaimed wood, and piecing together exquisite cutting boards with attention and care. Much like all the pieces it takes to form OAKs strong community, the core of each cutting board finds its strength through the pieces of reclaimed lumber from our community.

 Stay tuned in with our partnership with OAK, as we will provide many more opportunities in the future to donate to OAK through the purchase of a Sanford Shapes Cutting board.

 In the meantime, please take a moment to check out OAKs Website and see how you can get involved! 

 Oncology and Kids

 Together we are OAK Strong.

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