Sanford Shapes Surfboards

Right now, our surfboards are made to order.

Made from premium lightweight Paulownia, these boards are fast, light, and durable. They ride
with drive and finesse making it a top notch high performance surfboard. After refining the
process for years, we have developed our own unique way of creating a hollow wooden
surfboard. The inside is constructed using a skeleton that acts as the support between the top
and bottom layers. The rails are constructed using a series of laminated pieces of paulownia.
Cove and bead joinery is utilized in order to allow the rails to take their curved shape. The
boards are then finished using an epoxy bio resin, making them eco-friendly and sustainable.

Stay tuned as we are still in the process of developing our surf page. We will have numerous
shapes available to choose from soon! Please message us with inquiries.