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Sanford Shapes


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The Mako encompasses the look and feel of a classic longboard. This board is very stable and comfortable, making it easy to ride. Its length and weight make it optimal for long distance rides and smooth carves. The camber in the deck profile gives this board some spring, perfect for those of you hanging 10 or bombing hills. Our Checkmate design features a subtle, offset checker fade coupled with premium Mahogany and Maple. Whether you are a beginner or a grandmaster, the shape and design of this complete longboard skateboard ensure fun for everyone.

Shape: Mako
Design: Checkmate
Wood Species: Mahogany, Poplar, White Oak, Purpleheart, Padauk, Walnut
Dimensions: Length: 36" | Width: 9" | Wheelbase: 22"
Trucks: 180mm Reverse Kingpin Paris Skateboard Trucks
Wheels: 70MM // Sidewalk Surfer Wheels // Premium Urethane Wheel 78A